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We are the New Patriotic Party (NPP), a liberal democratic political party which was registered on 28 July 1992. A truly popular national organisation, our membership and support spans the length and breadth of Ghana with offices and local parties in each of the 230 constituencies across the country.

The NPP’s tradition of advocating and championing multi-party democracy in Ghana dates back to the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) founded in 1947 with the primary aim of fighting for political independence from the British colonial administration.

The UGCC itself was led by our forebears, Dr J.B. Danquah, Alfred “Paa” Grant, R.S. Blay, R.A. Awoona-Williams, E.O. Obetsebi-Lamptey, Edward Akufo-Addo, J.W. De Graft Johnson, William E. Ofori-Atta and others. No wonder, therefore, that the NPP can claim direct ancestral links to the oldest democratic traditions of Ghanaian politics.


In the immortal words our visionary founding father, Dr Joseph Boakye Danquah, the policy of our political tradition “is to liberate the energies of the people for the growth of a property-owning democracy in this Land, with the right to life, freedom and justice as the principles to which the Government and Laws of the land should be dedicated in order specifically to enrich life, property and liberty of each and every citizen”. Those hallowed words spoken nearly 70 years ago are as cherished and true to the NPP’s core beliefs today as they were then.

The NPP’s Motto: “Development in Freedom” aptly encapsulated our Tradition’s commitment to respect for human rights and the right of the Ghanaian people to own property.


  • We believe in “Development in Freedom’ of a ‘Property owning Democracy”. We believe in Freedom of the Individual, of Choice, of Speech and of Enterprise.
  • We believe that national development starts with the individual, who has the right to choose, fully grow and exploit his or her God-given talents.
  • We believe that government has a duty:
    1. To provide access to relevant education and training that will empower the individual’s development.
    2. To make available affordable, quality healthcare to every citizen.
    3. To create and sustain an environment that offers opportunity to all.
    4. To guarantee that rule of law and protection of rights that enable the individual to flourish.
  • We believe that property is the fruit of hard work and that owning property is a positive good.That the individual must be encouraged to lawfully acquire and keep without hindrance, his or her property so acquired.
  • We believe that owning property-Encourages one to do more and encourages others to also strive to achieve success.Leads to a greater stability in our society. A property owner will not wilfully destroy the property of another and thereby put their own at risk.
  • We believe that we are responsible for ourselves, but that in our development, we must raise our families, improve our community and contribute to the creation of a wealthy country. Finally, we believe that the people of Ghana, the government and each and every one of us, must accept that there will always be those who are unable to provide for themselves, and for them we must provide a level of support, a safety net.


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