Development In Freedom

Achievements of NPP Government

Selected Initiatives under Govt's digitization agenda to formalize the Economy
  1. National ID Cards
  2. NHIS renewal *929#
  3. NCA’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) centre, and the Revenue Assurance and Traffic Monitoring Centre.
  4. Community Information Centres 
  5. Digitization of Registrar General's Dept.
  6. Digitization of Birth and death Registry
  7. Digitization of Ghana Immigration Service
  8. Digitization of Judicial Service
  9. Digitization of Ministry of Justice & AGD
  10. E-Government Network Connectivity 
  11. National G-Cloud Platform
  12. Digital Property Addressing​
  13. Security Operation Centre
  14. Data Exchange Platform - Eservices & Epayment 
  15. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  16. Ghana Open Data Initiative (GoDI)
  17. Smart Workplace Productivity Platform
  18. E-Cabinet 
  19. E-Justice
  20. E-Parliament 
  21. E-immigration - E-Gate
  22. E-procurement 
  23. Drivers licenses and vehicle registration Digitization 
  24. Digital for inclusion
  25. Smart community projects
  26. School connectivity project
  27. Coding for kids
  28. Medical records digitization
  29. Operationalizing Accra Digital Centre to drive Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  30. Medical drones program
  31. Motor Insurance Database
  32. Mobile money payments interoperability
  33. Digitization of land Administration
  34. Passport Applications Digitization 
  35. Rural telephony sites for broadband access.
  36. National Cyber security Centre
  37. Innovation Hub and Mobile Applications Lab at Accra Digital Centre 
Nana Addo's Unprecedented Achievement In Basic Schools and SHS
  1. Free SHS for about 1.2 million students - no government in Ghana n West Africa can do it.
  2. About 962 SHS school blocks, the highest under any government in just 3 years.
  3. Over 700 Basic School blocks
  4. 77 kindergarten Schools
  5. Over 60000 teachers employed, the statistics is below, the highest in history of Ghana in just 3 years.
  6. 32 TVET schools being renovated and retooled with additional 3 being constructed
  7. Free SHS to be extended to TVET schools in 2020 after the renovation.
  8. BECE registration fees absorbed by the government.
  9. WASSCE registration fees absorbed by the government.
  10. 6 ultramodern new boarding SHS schools being constructed with sod already cut for 3 of them at Weija Gbawe, Kumasi, Akuapem North municipal.
Vice President Bawumia listed 87 different areas in which the NPP government has performed much better than its predecessor led by John Dramani Mahama
  1. When it comes to GDP growth, we have performed better
  2. Agricultural growth - we have performed better
  3. Industry growth - we have performed better
  4. Inflation – we have performed better
  5. Interest rates – we have performed better
  6. Exchange rate depreciation- we have performed better
  7. Fiscal Deficit - we have performed better
  8. Rate of debt accumulation – we have performed better
  9. Trade Balance - we have performed better
  10. Current Account Balance- we have performed better
  11. Gross International Reserves - we have performed better
  12. Ghana’s sovereign credit rating – we have performed better
  13. Creation of Jobs - we have performed better
  14. Teacher Trainees Allowances - we have performed better
  15. Nursing Trainees Allowances- we have performed better
  16. Passport Application - we have performed better
  17. Drivers License Application- we have performed better
  18. Renewal of NHIS membership - we have performed better
  19. Dumsor – we have performed better
  20. Cost of electricity - we have performed better
  21. Reducing Import Duties- we have performed better
  22. Abolishing VAT on financial services – we have performed better;
  23. Abolishing VAT on selected imported medicines - we have performed better;
  24. Abolishing VAT on Real Estate Sales - we have performed better;
  25. Abolishing VAT on domestic airline tickets - we have performed better;
  26. Abolishing taxation of gains from the realization of securities listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange - we have performed better;
  27. Abolishing levies imposed on Kayayei - we have performed better;
  28. Efficiency of clearing goods at the ports - we have performed better
  29. Resourcing the institutions that fight corruption - we have performed better
  30. Right to Information Act- we have performed better
  31. Development in our Zongo communities - we have performed better
  32. National ID Cards- we have performed better
  33. Mobile Money Payment Interoperability - we have performed better
  34. One district one factory – we have performed better
  35. One Village One dam – we have performed better
  36. One constituency one ambulance – we have performed better
  37. National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (NEIP) – we have performed better
  38. Digital Address System - we have performed better
  39. Implementing the Nation Builders Corps – We have performed better
  40. Securing higher global prices for cocoa farmers – we have performed better
  41. Cleaning up the mess in the financial sector and saving the deposits of millions of depositors – we have performed better
  42. Foreign Direct Investment – we have performed better
  43. Successfully exiting the IMF program – we have performed better
  44. Increasing the capitation grant – we have performed better ;
  45. Equipping the security services – we have performed better
  46. Introducing a nation-wide emergency 112 number for the police, fire and ambulance services – we have performed better;
  47. Introducing a new basic curriculum from kindergarten to primary six with a focus on reading, writing, arithmetic and creativity (the 4Rs) – we have performed better;
  48. Absorbing the cost of WASSCE registration fees for students – we have performed better; -
  49. Absorbing the fees for post graduate medical training – we have performed better
  50. Restoring research allowances in tertiary institutions – we have performed better
  51. Introducing drones to deliver medical supplies and save lives – we have performed better;
  52. Paying NHIS arrears that we inherited – we have performed better;
  53. Paying the outstanding contributions to pension funds that we inherited – we have performed better;
  54. Paying arrears to road contractors that we inherited – we have performed better;
  55. constructing youth resource sports complexes across the country – we have performed better;
  56. Relieving the pain of sickle cell sufferers through access to hydroxyurea – we have performed better;
  57. Increasing the share of the DACF to persons with disabilities by 50% - we have performed better;
  58. Employing persons with disabilities to man 50% of all our toll booths – we have performed better;
  59. Providing a government adult shelter to support victims of human trafficking – we have performed better
  60. Connecting rural communities to the telephone network in the last 3 years – we have performed better;
  61. Increasing daily peacekeeping allowances for military from $31 to $35 per day – we have performed better;
  62. Increasing daily allowances for police on mission from $30 to $35 – we have performed better
  63. Establishing the Students Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI) to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in students – we have performed better;
  64. Having transparency in the allocation of oil blocs – we have performed better;
  65. Creation of new regions – we have performed better;
  66. Bringing peace to Dagbon chieftaincy dispute- we have performed better;
  67. Providing infrastructure to poor and deprived communities in every constituency- we have performed better.;
  68. “One District One Warehouse Initiative.” – we have performed better;
  69. Improving the conditions for prisoners – we have performed better
  70. Protecting our water bodies against illegal mining – we have performed better ;
  71. Going paperless in our hospitals- we have performed better;
  72. Online business registration at the Registrar Generals Department – we have performed better;
  73. Digitizing our courts through an e-justice program – we have performed better;
  74. Establishing a Ghana Commodities Exchange – we have performed better;
  75. Taking measures to establish an integrated Bauxite and Aluminum Industry – we have performed better;
  76. Reducing flooding from the Bagre dam through the dredging of rivers like Nasia, Sisili – we have performed better
  77. Discovering oil – we have performed better;
  78. Revival of our Railways – we have performed better;
  79. Starting the construction of 10 fish landing along the coast from Keta to Axim -we have performed better;
  80. Award of Scholarships to students– we have performed better;
  81. Revival of Anglo-gold Ashanti, and putting more people to work – we have performed better;
  82. Reviving Ghana Post – we have performed better
  83. Reviving the Ghana Publishing Company – we have performed better
  84. Launching a comprehensive Building Code for Ghana for the first time- we have performed better;
  85. Administering the performance of the annual hajj pilgrimage – we have performed better
  86. Expansion of institutions, facilities and equipment for TVET – we have performed better
  87. Implementing Free senior high school education- we have performed better
1,190 Vehicles Supplied; 962 Structures Built For SHSs

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, says his Government is confronting the inherent challenges that have been associated with the implementation of the Free Senior High School Policy.

With some 1.2 million children currently enrolled in Senior High Schools, the highest such enrollment in the country’s history, President Akufo-Addo stated that sufficient provision has been made in the 2020 budget for the continued construction of facilities Speaking at the 70th anniversary celebration of Prempeh College in Kumasi, on Saturday, the President indicated that Government, this year, commenced the construction of 962 structures, comprising classrooms, dining halls, assembly halls, sanitary facilities, and dormitories, in senior high schools across the country.

“We are also providing a total of one thousand, one hundred and ninety (1,190) vehicles, made up of three hundred and fifty (350) buses and eight hundred and forty (840) pickups to schools in various areas in the country,” he added.

Explaining the rationale for the implementation of the Free SHS policy, the President stated that he came into office at a time when, between 2013 and 2016, there was the unfortunate situation in Ghana where, on the average, 100,000 children, every year, who passed the B.E.C.E., could not take up their places in Senior High Schools, because they could not afford the fees, even though they had the qualifications.

“If this situation had persisted for a decade, one million children would have dropped out of school at the level of Junior High School, an unacceptable outcome for any nation in the 21st century,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo continued, “It would have been too dangerous for Ghana’s stability, as we would have been building a future of hopelessness for our youth. Such a situation was intolerable, and my party and I were determined to end it. That is why the Free Senior High School policy was introduced.”

The President noted that the countries that have made rapid progress around the world put education at the heart of their development.

He recounted how, in the late 19th century, the United States of America began to transition to publicly funded high school education, describing it as a daunting prospect at the time.

“America set herself up for 20th century success, creating a labour force fit for rapid economic development, which has inspired the emergence of the most powerful economy so far known to human history,” President Akufo-Addo added.

His Government, he stressed, is determined to follow suit, and this has resulted in some 1.2 million children currently enrolled in Senior High Schools in Ghana, the highest such enrollment in our history.

“This means that, over the last three years, some four hundred thousand (400,000) more students, as compared to 2016, have had the opportunity gaining access into our senior high schools. We intend to make sure that no child is denied the opportunity of senior high school education by reason of poverty,” the President added.


Free Senior High School Education for all

Education and skills training are the most important source of empowering and providing opportunities to the youth to help drive Ghana’s development, and in the process create jobs. As a nation we are determined to bring education to the doorstep of our children because it is worth it. We dare to do this because we ardently believe that the Ghanaian child deserves it.

A policy of the government of Ghana, starting in September 2017. Every child in Ghana who qualifies for, and is placed in a public Senior High School for his secondary education will have his/her fees absorbed by the government.

The NANA AKUFO ADDO lead government has given full effect to SDG 4.1 with the implementation of a Free SHS Policy. The programme, is anchored in the below pillars;

  1. Removal of cost barriers
    Remove Cost Barriers through the absorption of fees approved by GES council
  2. Expansion of infrastructure
    Expand physical school infrastructure and facilities to accommodate the expected increase in enrollment
  3. Improvement in Quality and Equity
    Improve quality through provision of core textbooks and supplementary readers, teacher rationalisation and deployment, etc.
  4. Development of Employable Skills
    Improve competitiveness of Ghanaian Students to match the best in the World
Tema Harbour road ..! Nana Addo turning GHANA 🇬🇭 into the envy of Africa
Tomato processing factory ..!

Another factory under 1D1F - T roll

A reminder of the achievements halfway through ...!!! The visionary Leader ..!
Day 3 of Greater Accra Region tour

State Housing company has been revived under the Presidency of Nana Akufo-Addo and they are undertaking projects in different parts of the Country.

More vehicles for the Police --- 109 Multi-purpose vehicles More achievements

Another factory...under 1D1F

Construction of Community roads; Adentan Roads taking shape.