The Branch

NPP-USA, Inc was incorporated in the State of New York as a not-for-profit organization on November 3, 2006. The aims and objectives of NPP-USA Branch are those specified by the Constitution of NPP Ghana.

In addition, NPP-USA shall:

  1. Oversee the operations of the party’s activities in USA
  2. Support and implement the programs of NPP-Ghana in USA
  3. Promote and Publicize policies of NPP-Ghana in USA
  4. Mobilize funds, technological and human resources to assist NPP-Ghana
  5. Promote issues that improve the welfare of the entire NPP-USA membership

The Branch has twenty-three (23) Chapters across the USA, active Women's, Youth and Nasara Wings, and functional Communications, IT, Elections & Research and ROPAA Directorates.

Membership of NPP-USA is open to any Ghanaian citizen of voting age who is ordinarily resident in USA without regard to place of origin, circumstances of birth, race, status, occupation, gender, ethnic origin, religion, creed or other beliefs.


Development in Freedom