Development in Freedom

About Our Party

e are the New Patriotic Party (NPP), a liberal democratic political party which was registered on 28 July 1992.
A truly popular national organisation, our membership and support spans the length and breadth of Ghana with offices and local parties in all constituencies across the country.

The NPP’s tradition of advocating and championing multi-party democracy in Ghana dates back to the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) founded in 1947 with the primary aim of fighting for political independence from the British colonial administration.

The UGCC itself was led by our forebears, Dr J.B. Danquah, Alfred “Paa” Grant, R.S. Blay, R.A. Awoonor-Williams, E.O. Obetsebi-Lamptey, Edward Akufo-Addo, J.W. De Graft Johnson, William E. Ofori-Atta and others. No wonder, therefore, that the NPP can claim direct ancestral links to the oldest democratic traditions of Ghanaian politics.

Our Priorities

  • To bring together like-minded citizens of the country so that they may strive for Freedom and Justice by the appreciation and protection of human rights and the rule of Law through the practice of true democracy.
  • To build in this country a free and democratic system of government under which all citizens will be able to contribute to the welfare, peace, and prosperity of our nation and keep its people free from dictatorship, and oppression.
  • To reduce the excessive centralization which has characterized Government up to now and ensure as far as practicable that the regions and districts of this country fully participate in deciding matters affecting their development and their wellbeing.
  • To promote a vibrant, free-market economy and encourage vigorous participation by citizens in economic activities.
  • To create a climate in which private enterprise will thrive, and citizens and foreigners alike may invest without fear and without unnecessary bureaucratic restrictions and impediments, in order to create wealth and prosperity for the citizens and people of this country.

Development in Freedom