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October 9, 2018
NPP-USA Women's Organizer Lauds NABCO: Calls for Legal Backing
October 24, 2018

Investigate KNUST Riot And Effect Appropriate Sanction

NPP-USA has learned about the unfortunate incident that occurred on KNUST campus on Friday, October 19, 2018, and the subsequent riot that occurred on Monday, October 22, 2018. We are of the strongest view that yesterday’s mayhem emanated from the physical violence meted out to the student body last Friday.
The excessive force used by security officers was in gross violation of the students’ right to peaceful protest and free speech and must be sternly condemned by all peace-loving Ghanaians. This repressive “policing” coupled with unfathomable administration lapses show a total lack of professionalism and control on the parts of officers and administrators who have been entrusted with the powers to keep law and order on campus.
We also condemn the barbaric showdown of the student body and call on the SRC at KNUST to bring their members to order. NPP-USA believes in freedom of expression and assembly as guaranteed by our constitution, but we deeply abhor any inclination that renders these rights useless. Hooliganism has no place in our democracy and it must not be countenanced.
Therefore, we are by this press release calling on the university council and the ministry in charge of education to consider the following:

  • Investigate the root cause of this impasse and the role leadership of the university played and implement relevant sanctions up to dismissal where necessary;
  • Investigate the role of campus security forces and implement sanctions where necessary;
  • Investigate the riot and punish students found culpable up to suspension where necessary;
  • Offer change management training to university administrators; and
  • Offer de-escalation training to campus security and university administrators.

Ghana continues to be the beacon of hope for Africa when it comes to democracy. It is imperative that our actions always reflect that especially in our various tertiary institutions.
Thank you!
Kofi Tonto
Director of Communications, NPP-USA

NPP-USA Calls for Investigations into KNUST Riot

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