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March 26, 2018
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April 5, 2018

Easter Message from NPP-USA Chairperson

A joyful celebration of Easter is a special time of the year; it symbolizes the Death and Resurrection of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross. As we commemorate this Holy Week, we reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and celebrate His triumphant Resurrection.
In our gathering as Ghanaians in our homes, churches, and communities, let us recognize that Easter is not only an observance of a tradition of our Christian faith in our communities, but, indeed, it is the most important thing for us; it is at the core of Christianity. Easter herald’s renewal, revival and redemption. These tenets of the human spirit are ones which we Ghanaians embrace and recognizes as being strong as one nation.
We have never relent as immigrants to challenge ourselves to a better and brighter future. As Ghanaians in the diaspora; we dream big and pursue our visions of building a better and prosperous nation as a country, and as Ghanaians. We count our blessings on this Holy Day, especially the blessing of living in a nation where we can worship freely and practice democracy without resulting into tyranny.
The lesson of sacrifice of Christ our Lord for redemption, is timeless. As a nation, we may have gone through much difficulty and pain in time past; but as a people, we acknowledge that we are poised at the dawn of a new day each time we celebrate Easter. It is time for us to continue to plod forward, not in discord, but harmoniously, even as we capitalize on the strengths of our diverse ethnicities and cultures.
On behalf of the elected executive of NPP USA, and on my own behalf, it’s our prayer that the happiness of Easter morning remains with you and your family throughout the year, and that the promise of Easter will fill your heart with peace and joy! The soaring spirit of the Ghanaian people remains high, unbroken and strong in the knowledge that a better day beckons us. Let’s continue to pray for our country today, tomorrow and everyday and seek the blessings of God for a healthy and prosperous nation.
Once again, a happy Easter to all Patriots!
Mrs. Yaa Frimpong,
(Chairperson – NPP USA)

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