Government celebrates Silver Jubilee of Fourth Republic
January 7, 2018
President nominates Martin Amidu as Independent Prosecutor
January 11, 2018
Government celebrates Silver Jubilee of Fourth Republic
January 7, 2018
President nominates Martin Amidu as Independent Prosecutor
January 11, 2018

Former President Kufuor gives thumps up to government

Accra, Jan. 9, GNA – Former President John Agyekum Kufour has said the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government has performed creditably in the first year in office.

He said it was easier to destroy than to build, saying; “When you inherit a situation where things are down and you have to make things better, it is not easy, especially in a democracy where everybody has an opinion”.

He urged Ghanaians to exercise patience and tolerance for the ruling government as it was on course and rolling out various policies and programmes to improve the economy and standards of living of the people.

Former President Kufuor made these remarks when he shared his thoughts on government’s stewardship for the first year at the sidelines of an event in Accra, to outdoor him as the Patron of a mentorship programme, the Ghana Job Bank Initiative.

He said in a situation where everybody was in contention for political power and wanted to be at the helm of affairs, people would criticize the government as if it was not doing anything to improve the lives of the people, adding, “no matter the effort you make”.

Former President Kufuor asked Ghanaians to respect the laws of the nation, respect the human rights of others and should not talk down on anybody’s opinion.

He said the governance of the country had witnessed ups-and-downs and expressed optimism that things would fall their rightful places in the not too distance future.

He said politicians all over the world often make a lot of promises in their political party manifestoes, but when they assumed the reins of government then they realised that there was no financial resources to execute their programme.

Therefore, he said, any government that experienced such a situation was supposed to plan and earn the confidence of investors to support its development agenda.

Former President Kufuor applauded the Akufo-Addo led government for instituting measures to turn around the declining economy, saying; “Within a period of four months, we saw a number of foreign dignitaries and powerful businessmen and women coming to Ghana.

“Do you think they will come to Ghana if there is nothing good happening here?” he queried.

Commenting on whether the Special Prosecutor Office would make any difference in fighting corruption, Former President Kufuor expressed the hope that the person who would be appointed to occupy the position would not only be a lawyer, but would have the necessarily competence to perform the task assigned to that office.

He said if the President appoints someone with conscience to the Office of the Special Prosecutor and determined to protect the public purse, I believed corruption would be tackled objectively devoid of any bias or preconception, saying: “The person must work in accordance with the law without looking at the political party the person is coming from”.


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Published: 2018-01-09 18:55:45
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