August 1, 2019
Re – Autocratic and greedy Wontumi will plunge NPP into chaos – NPP USA warns
August 22, 2019

NPP 2020 Win. A Walk in the Park?

We have witnessed over the years, a creeping practice that appears to rear its ugly head in the party leading up to every internal party primaries and party elections. We cannot even begin to chronicle the number of mass suspensions that hit the party in 2007, 2011 and 2015. The numbers recorded during those election cycles were overwhelming and daunting to say the least. This seemingly cowing practice of mass suspensions leading up to party primaries, again, is beginning to show its face in some constituencies in the party this year. The stakes are too high for Ghana, should the NPP government even remotely appear to be losing to the world renowned, “The Incompetent One”!

2020 election is a must win for NPP for continued prosperous Ghana. It will, in part, take an energized, motivated and committed party base to make that win a reality. And of course, having the fortitude, self-determination and self-discipline as members of this great elephant family are paramount to retaining the power that has been entrusted into our hands. Let us be awaken to this uncomfortable truth that seeks to threaten this victory and by extension, the future of Ghana. If we are to have an easy ride to victory, we must have the courage to confront this canker.

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has done an exceedingly great job of providing good governance through his many good policies. His flagship programs have put the country on the accelerated path to addressing poverty and promoting sustained growth and prosperity that will stand the text of time for all Ghanaians both at home and abroad. We should and must as a party make his second term win a walk in the park through our internal unification and warm embrace of all and sundry in the party, and not seek to alienate any well-meaning, loyal and well-intentioned members for the slightest thing they say or do.

In our quest to push for organizational and internal discipline at all organs and structures of the party, we must also as leaders, be circumspect, and not be notorious in our crack down on supposed indiscipline within our ranks without proper and due process at all material times.
Suspensions should not be weaponized against individuals we disagree with, so as not to leave a gaping hole that can hurt and disorganize our unified front. We must at all cost discipline members whose actions contradict the party’s constitution and other regulations but must do so humanely.

Let us remember that the power we have now and seek to retain, is not a family inheritance, meaning, we can lose that power if, we don’t do what it takes “collectively” to safeguard what has been entrusted to us by the good people of Ghana.

Our good works in government can speak for us to a very large extent, but our conduct and behavior can equally erode all our gains and the successes achieved. What was pardoned us as a party in opposition will surely not be forgiven as a party in government.

We must do all we can as leaders at our various polling stations, electoral areas, constituencies, external branches, regions and national levels to embrace everybody, promote unity within our rank and file, eschew acrimonies, divisions, victimization, needless infighting and forge ahead in unison to defeat our fiercest opponent.

Our success stories and achievements, and ways to improve and enrich lives of Ghanaians should be our preoccupation while we take steps to respond to the evil darts and vile propaganda of our opponent.

We must and should have all hands on deck for 2020, the surest way to ensure that our win is, A Real Walk in the Park!


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  1. Fishey says:

    Excellent piece of advice, madam chairperson you have said it all. I hope we all adopt this piece of advice as the proverbial “stitch in time that saves nine”

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