NPP-USA Tallahassee Chapter Inaugurated
December 4, 2021
NPP National Council Provides Guidelines for the 2022 Internal Elections
February 4, 2022

NPP Washington DC Chapter Executives and Patrons meet with the Vice President

NPP Washington DC Chapter executives and Patrons met with the Vice President during his recent visit to the United States. The vice president user the occasion to address some of the concerned and questions raised by the group. A summary of the discussions is detailed below.

  1. NABCO will transition to the new YouStart program , 67,000 NABCO personal will be the 1st batch for YouStart a new batch of NABCO recruits will be done . Arrears owed current NABCO will be paid.
  2. Ghana cards will be issued in the US and Europe soon after registration is completed in Ghana. A waiver may be granted for those currently not in Ghana. Ghana card will be an e-passport. On Feb 9th, 2022 there will be a ceremony to launched it internationally and starting on March 1st, 2022 it will be accepted by all Airports. The goal is to prevent forgery of Ghanaian passport.
  3. Large unemployment is going to be solved by letting private sector do more of the job creation and to focus of technical education-TVET,. State of the Art technical education so the graduated can be more entrepreneurial.
  4. To increase taxes, you need identification and addresses. The Ghanacard and Digital addresses are the key, Phase 1 is done and Phase 2 is beginning. Only 4% of adult population had Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) so Ghana Card ID is now your TIN- increased from 4% to 85%, eventually we will be asking everyone to file taxes. There is now a mobile app so that everyone can file their taxes , it was finished in Dec and will be used this year. Property Tax system is about to take place off.
  5. For SIM registration, there will be a waiver and likely an extension for Diasporans.

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