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June 6, 2022
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June 20, 2022

NPP-USA Calls Out Hon. Defeamekpor on His Populist and Hypocritical Call on Joe Anokye to Resign as NCA Boss for Attending a NPP Event

There is a tweet and a Ghanaweb publication being bandied about in which the Member of Parliament for South Dayi, Hon. Defeamekpor is calling for the resignation of Mr. Joe Anokye, the Director-General of the National Communications Authority. His reason being that Joe Anokye has made a political statement at an NPP function. He also asserts that the D-G has closed radio stations.

First, Hon. Rockson Defeamekpor should know that there are rules and regulations governing the operation of radio frequencies in Ghana. If a radio station or media house fails to adhere to the laws governing their operations and the NCA applies the necessary sanctions, how do you blame the D-G? As a lawmaker, the Hon. MP should be the person preaching that media houses should be law abiding, not to be pressing the emotional keyboards of the public.

On the issue of Mr. Joe Anokye attending NPP functions, it is hypocritical for Hon. Defeamekpor to make such a statement. Is Hon. Defeamekpor saying that the former NCA Director-General, Mr. William Tervie, appointed by former president John Mahama, is not an NDC member and did not actively participate in NDC activities while he was in office? Is he suggesting that the appointment of CEOs by the President to head public institutions is not political? In almost all cases, appointees to head public institutions and MDAs, have their tenure co-terminus with that of the president, thus making their positions political. 

However, in the performance of their roles, they should not treat Ghanaians who do not belong to their political parties differently or unfairly. Chief Executive Officers and Director-Generals of state institutions ought to treat all manner of persons, regardless of their political affiliations, the same way as per the laid down procedures and regulations. This, however, does not bar them from attending and speaking at functions of their political parties. Is it wrong for an IT guru like Joe Anokye to join his political party members to discuss the introduction of technology to manage their party affairs?

In any case, Mr. Anokye has distinguished himself in the performance of his role as the Director-General of the NCA. He has never been partisan in the line of duty. We are yet to hear of anyone who went to Mr. Joe Anokye's office for services and was ignored or sacked for belonging to a different political party.

This political hypocrisy and populism must stop.

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